What are Behavioral Modifications?

Starting at week 1, you will be enrolled in the online behavioral modification program. The behavioral modification program is critical to your success. Long term success drops off dramatically if you do not participate in the behavioral modification. This program is mandatory and must be attended online on a weekly basis throughout the Rapid Fat Burning Gold phase.

During the Rapid Fat Burning Gold phase, you will continue 4 shakes plus a Vegi-Protein meal per day, and you will see the staff for a more extended visit every two weeks.  You will have a weekly weight check and if available, a body fat analysis. You will obtain shakes at your weekly office visit.  You are not to eat other regular food or consume alcoholic beverages or have any additional calories beyond those prescribed by Our doctor.  Any additional calorie consumption beyond the shakes and the Vegi-Protein meal will take you out of ketogenic fat burning and cause the you to not only burn less calories, but also to burn more protein store rather than fat.  Since the goal is to burn as much fat as possible and as little protein as possible, we must emphasized the importance of not eating any additional calories.  Generally you shouldn’t feel hungry during the initial phase of the program, but non-compliance also turns on the appetite.


Starting in week 1 you will do the introductory tutorials. These tutorials provide information about the program and your responsibilities.


Starting week 2, you will join the live online behavioral modification program and perform the online exercises

A few key points

This program allows us to do most of the background work that will insure your long-term weight loss goals.
We will be given feedback regarding your attendance of these meetings.
If you fail to attend a minimum number of meetings, will be given warnings.
If you continue to miss meetings, you will be dropped from the Rapid Fat Burning Gold program.



The above information is for informational purposes only and is not to take the place of sound clinical judgment on a patient by patient basis.  Each patient needs to be evaluated individually by the clinician and treated in a way that is medically appropriate for that patient.  Each clinical situation is unique and the above information cannot and should not be generalized and said to apply to all patients and situations.  By the same token the above information in no way implies that there is any doctor patient relationship whatsoever established between the authors and the individual patients treated by physicians reading and utilizing the information provided.  Nor does use of  the Rapid Fat Burning shakes and the SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ PROGRAM imply any doctor patient relationship between the authors (or owners) and  patients treated by physicians utilizing the SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ PROGRAM, the Rapid Fat Burning Program (and food supplements).