Smart Weight Loss | Dietary Protocol

Let's Discuss The Dietary Protocol

All patients will start a medically supervised liquid weight loss regimen combined with a specific single Vegi-Protein daily meal.  This weight loss regimen will consist of a protein sparing modified fast of 4 shakes per day of approximately 130 calories each.  Patients will eat one meal on their own per day, consisting of protein and vegetables only and having approximately 500 to 700 calories. Patients will use only shakes and products provided under the name and license Rapid Fat Burning Program.   Patients will space the shakes plus one meal approximately three to four hours apart, taking in calories 5 times per day.  The patient is to eat no other food besides the one meal, but must also consume at least six 12 ounce glasses of water per day.  He/she may also consume any non-caloric clear beverages, but must not consume alcoholic beverages.

Burn Fat

It is understood that this caloric restriction is specifically designed to place the patient into a mild ketosis, a rapid fat metabolism form of energy burning.

Actual Results

Patients are expected to lose 2 to 5 lbs. the first week.  Subsequent weeks they are expected to lose 1-2 lbs. per week for women and 2-4 lbs. per week for men.

Target Areas

The best part about the program is that your most significant fat loss will come from that particular area in which your targeted procedure is being done.

The goal of the SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ PROGRAM is to achieve long term success, not just short term gain.  Many weight loss and body contouring programs, especially non-invasive ones, fail in the long run because they lack a continued ongoing structured program. This program allows the physician to continue to treat and help you achieve success while we do much of the work for you in the background.  The long term success of the SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ PROGRAM is achieved by an aggressive long term structured maintenance program combined with our initial excellent body contouring techniques.
If your procedure involves a non-invasive treatment such as Vasershape, Zerona, Velashape, Coolsculpting, or any other non-invasive sculpting procedure, the Smart Weight Loss should be followed for a minimum of 6 weeks while the procedure is performed during that same time frame.  If Liposuction or a tummy tuck is to be performed, the procedure can be performed at any time during the Smart Weight Loss Process, either before, after, or during the Smart Weight Loss regimen.

You should continue on the Rapid Fat Burning Gold portion of the program for a minimum of 6 weeks, but may continue until the desired fat has been burned off or removed from the area of interest.  For multiple areas of fat removal such as abdomen and thighs, for example, you may need to continue on the Rapid Fat Burning Gold portion of the program for 12 or more weeks or until a goal weight is achieved as determined by the medical provider.

Once the desired goal is achieved, you enter the recommended Conversion phase which takes 2 to 6 weeks.  Patients will convert to eating a second meal that is a high protein, high vegetable, low sugar, low starch meal while continuing 2-3 shakes per day.  Gradually the patient is transitioned back to eating  3 meals and 2 shakes per day, then 4 meals and 1 shake per day, and then eventually to 5 small meals per day as maintenance.  Patients can utilize shakes and high protein proprietary bars during the conversion phase.

Once in the maintenance phase many patients choose to continue with 1, 2 or 3 shakes or bars as meal replacements while eating 1 or 2 regular meals per day.  In maintenance, you will be taught to eat specific food types depending on you Riopelle fat type.  In other words, not all patients are alike and maintenance food intake will be tailored specifically to you.

Patients will enroll in our online weekly behavior modification program at the start of the Rapid Fat Burning Gold phase of the program.   After conversion, we recommend you continue in the online behavior modification part of the program for up to a year after starting the initial phase.  This behavior modification program will help keep you tuned into their weight loss goals and will help you achieve long-term success.  We also recommend continued monthly visits to our office for a weigh in, body measurements and if available, body fat testing for at least 1 year. This routine follow-up may be performed by a medical assistant and serves one main purpose: it helps keep the you tuned in to your body and maintaining your goals.

After the first year, you may discontinue behavioral modification and monthly visits if desired.  However, many patients may prefer to continue these monthly meetings and weekly behavioral modification long term.  All patients, whether continuing on in maintenance or not, should observe strict weight gain guidelines.  Women who regain more than 7 lbs. above their final weight and men who gain more than 10 lbs. above final weight should immediately resume a short course of the Rapid Fat Burning Gold phase.  By this immediate attention to weight gain, you can avoid the feelings of failure that might otherwise eventually lead you to regain weight over the long term.


The above information is for informational purposes only and is not to take the place of sound clinical judgment on a patient by patient basis.  Each patient needs to be evaluated individually by the clinician and treated in a way that is medically appropriate for that patient.  Each clinical situation is unique and the above information cannot and should not be generalized and said to apply to all patients and situations.  By the same token the above information in no way implies that there is any doctor patient relationship whatsoever established between the authors and the individual patients treated by physicians reading and utilizing the information provided.  Nor does use of  the Rapid Fat Burning shakes and the SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ PROGRAM imply any doctor patient relationship between the authors (or owners) and  patients treated by physicians utilizing the SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ PROGRAM, the Rapid Fat Burning Program (and food supplements).